I printed all of these myself except Bodega, on many
different risograph printers of varying levels of
functionality, lol. Not for sale at the moment and
like half are out of print, will set up ye olde online
shop again someday...

2022. "Hojakdo" Risograph. Red, blue, yellow, black.

2021. "Borage" Risograph. Blue and aqua.

2020. "Pierrot" Risograph. Fluorescent orange, red, blue, brown.

2019. "Basement" Risograph. Fluorescent pink, blue, teal.

2018. "Bodega" Risograph. Fluorescent pink, sunflower yellow, light teal.

2018. "Moon Under The Train Tracks" Risograph. Blue and brown.

2017. "Bay Area Rain" Risograph. Blue.

images (c) sunmi 2023 do not reproduce